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What We Do

Our professional English course is aimed at improving your communication skills.

If You Need Help

Visit our office or contact us by Phone , Email. We'll respond to your queries.

Cost Savings

All our courses are reasonably priced. We provide value for what you pay.

Terms and Conditions


Minimum age is 16

How to book a course

To secure a place on a course at Alpha language school academy, please return the Enrolment Form together with payment of a non-refundable deposit or book online at

Payment of Fees:

A non-refundable application fee of R500, course registration fee of R 500 and a tuition deposit of R 1500 are required with your application. The above fees and the deposit are part of the cost of your program and are deducted from the total of the program fees. 

Please note that your application will be considered only when your payment of the application fee and the tuition deposit has been received.

Upon receiving your application and your payment of the required fee(s) and the tuition deposit, we will send you a registration confirmation and invoice for the balance due. The balance should be paid in S.A.Rand.

 The payment of the balance of fees is due upon receipt of invoice. Your place will be confirmed only when the full payment has been received. The full payment must be paid before we can issue documentation in support of a visa application if required.

 Payments of the application fee and deposit must be made in S.A. Rand and payable through S.A. bank account provider below. Any collection charges will be the applicant's responsibility. Checks or international money orders drawn on foreign banks will not be accepted.

 Payment options:

You may pay by wire transfer or cash deposit into our nominated bank account (or to our representative), we do not accept Visa and Mastercard.

Just fax us your application and request our account and bank information:

___I want to pay the application fee and tuition deposit by wire transfer.  Please send me instructions on how to send the wire transfer to your bank account.

On receipt of the application and deposit slip or any other proof of payment, confirmation is sent with a Statement of Fees which should be settled before the course starting date. Students will not be allowed to start their course unless FULL PAYMENT has been received by the School

If you require a visa the school will provide the visa letter or Certificate of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) only when the full payment has been received by the school. In the event of an unsuccessful application all fees will be returned, less the cost of the CAS and accommodation cancellation charges.

Minimum duration of studies.

The minimum duration of studies is 3 months. If the student decides to leave the school before that period, he will have to pay the school fees for the remaining time even if he is not attending the class any more.

Books and study material.

 The books received for free at school remain the property of the institution until the completion of the program by the student. Should the student leave the school before the end of the program, he will be charge R300 per book; To be paid immediately in order to avoid legal action.

Conditions for cancelling or changing a course by the Student

  • If the School receives the cancellation before the course starting date, the School will retain the deposit.
  • After the course has started, a student must give 10 days' written notice to the Principal of changes to or cancellation of a course. A cancellation fee equivalent to 1 week's course fees will be charged. Refunds cannot be made for non-attendance, absence due to illness or any other cause.
  • If a student wishes to be absent from the course for 1 or 2 weeks for the purposes of taking a holiday s/he must give the Principal at least 2 weeks' notice in writing. (only applicable to students studying for 12 weeks or more)
  • Students who choose to exchange their original choice of course for one of greater value must pay the difference between the two at the time of requesting the upgrade.
  • Any refund due when a course is changed or cancelled, or a holiday taken, will be paid to the person who paid for the student's course at his/her home address at the end of the course. 'End of the course' here is defined as the last date of the course specified on the booking form (i.e. if a student books a 12 week course and decides to leave after 4 weeks s/he will not be refunded until 12 weeks after the start of the course). If a student is denied a student visa or a study permit and provides the school with a copy of the refusal letter before the first day of classes the school will refund the course fees minus a cancellation charge of R1000 and any accommodation cancellation fees.

Change or Cancellation of a course by the School

Sometimes it is agreed between the School and a student that it would be beneficial for the student to be moved to another School course. When this happens only a course of at least equivalent cost will be offered by the School.

The School reserves the right to cancel a course, or make changes to course arrangements, without liability, if forced to do so for reasons beyond its control. If this happened, the School would seek to offer alternative arrangements, dates or venues.

If the School cancelled a course booked and paid for by a student in accordance with these terms other than for reasons beyond its control, and did not offer an alternative acceptable to the student, the School would pay compensation as follows:

  •  Where the cancellation is before the start of the course, compensation equal to the deposit paid by the student or
  • Where the cancellation is after the start of the course, compensation equal to one week's fees.


  •  All students requiring Alpha language school academy to arrange their accommodation will be charged an accommodation arrangement R1000. This must be paid in advance together with the course deposit and is non-refundable.
  • Accommodation fees are payable to the school and are never to be paid directly to the residence or host family.
  • If your accommodation involves extra days, you will be charged a daily rate for up to 3 nights. More than three nights will be charged at the full weekly rate (not applicable for hotel accommodation).
  • Accommodation is booked from Sat to Sat or Sun to Sun
  • If you want to change or cancel your accommodation, you must inform the school no later than the Friday eight days prior to the change or cancellation date. If changes or cancellations are received with less than eight days’ notice, a cancellation charge of one week's accommodation will be payable.
  • In arranging accommodation, Alpha language school academy is acting as the suppliers' agent.

Liability and Insurance

Students should make sure that they organise their own travel insurance/medical aid to cover medical costs and repatriation costs in the case of an illness or accident. We assist the student with this service against payment of the applicable fees of R4200.

The School acts only as an intermediary between its students and travel organisations and between students and host families. Unless and to the extent caused by the School's negligence, the School cannot be held responsible for any delay or accident during a journey nor for any incident which may happen during the student's stay with the host family. The School will, however, endeavour to defend the student's interests in the event of breach of contract on the part of the travel organisation or the host family.

The School reserves the right not to allow on the course a student suffering from any illness, medical condition, or mental or physical disability which has not been disclosed on the Enrolment Form.

This brochure, issued by the School, gives the only terms and information that can be referred to in the event of a disagreement between the student and the School. These terms and conditions are governed by the South African law.

Personal Information and Photographs

We use the personal information that you give us, including information about your health and religious or dietary requirements, to perform our contract with you. We may also use it to ensure that we comply with South African law, for internal training, or to send you further information about our courses and services. We do not share your details with third parties other than as necessary to perform our contract with you. The information you give us is kept securely on our computer system, and is accessible by the schools and offices in the group of companies to which the School belongs. If you do not want to receive further information from us, please write to us at the address below. Please contact us if you want to see a copy of the information we hold, or have questions about our use of your information.

The School reserves the right to use photographs taken during courses to illustrate its promotional material. If a student wishes that his or her photo should not appear in this material, they should write to the School within one month of the photo-shoot. These photos have no commercial or contractual value.